Customer Corner November 4, 2016

Posted by   Elpidio Cardenas

Aloha from Lori!

Most of my e-newsletter readers know about our friend John Lemanski of Michigan.

John lives in northern Michigan--not really a place where passion flowers are known to flourish. Like me, John has a "passion" for passion flowers. Last year, he was able to get a single passion flower to blossom. Well, the passion flowers must be passionate about John, too, because this year they are growing like crazy at his place. John's vine yielded over 50 blossoms. John has a couple of varieties of passion flowers growing. Here is a photo John sent me of this beautiful deep purple passion flower.

Mahalo, John, for sharing. Your passion flowers are truly amazing!

If you have a photo you would like us to feature in "Customer Corner", please email it to me at, and include your name, hometown and something about the photo. Kauai vacation photos are my favorites!


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